from Queen Anne to Classical Revivals: Park Avenue September 28, 2010

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Shareology loves architecture and house tours; she combined the two with a recent walking tour of Park Avenue in Minneapolis.  Ryan Knoke and Montana Scheff shared their research on this street filled with Queen Anne and Classical Revival houses.  Stick with Shareology and at the end I’ll let you know who to contact to buy your own slice of Minneapolis history!!  

sign-up as the rain slowly moves out of the area....


Tour guides and costumed tourists.....


in transition from one color to another


rare window design


moved to Park Avenue from downtown by oxcart




rich architectural detail on 3624 Park


OK, here’s the part I promised you:  want to buy a house on Park?  

This one just got listed:  

this could be your living room: minus the costumes.....


This could be your fireplace....


the lady in red has the listing


3724 Park could be your new old home!   Contact Connie Nompelis at Century 21 Luger Realty at;  

Click the following URL to see the listing:
Shareology can guarantee you’ll be surrounded by neighbors who care!  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


2 Responses to “from Queen Anne to Classical Revivals: Park Avenue”

  1. southwestblog Says:

    Hi Kay!

    Thanks for attending the tour! Love the photos and your comments…
    lots of people have seen the house and we’re hoping it’s sold
    soon. The people from the Northstar Chapter of the Victorian
    Society of America were wonderful…some of the ladies made
    their own costumes. Wow!

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