Steven Be hosts Metro IBA: who knew Chicago Avenue is so cool!!! September 9, 2010

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Metro IBA was recently at 3448 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis for an event at Steven Be’s….Shareology was amazed at what creativity can do to a former fire station on Chicago Avenue.  A division of the Yarn Garage, Steven Be’s sells every kind of yarn in every color you can possibly imagine, plus a few Shareology certainly never has imagined!!  Fiber, yarns, tools and notions abound!  Let’s take a peek: 

The entrance is in the back to the building.....

Just head west on 35th Street from Chicago for 1/4 block and the relaxing patio will greet you!!  

Even the sign-in pen tells you this is no ordinary store.....

now THIS is a chandelier.....

 If you have a former fire station, you have ceilings high enough to support a spectacular chandelier!!  (Be sure and ask the providence of this particular chandelier….it explains a lot about a certain former high flyer in the Twin Cities!) 

Every home and store needs a mirror.....

Yes, there really is a Steven Be.....

 That’s him with his head framed by the mirror in the background…. 

 This store is marvelously merchandised: 






Shareology hasn’t ever picked up a pair of knitting needles — but her heart sang as she went from one part of Steven Be’s to another:  truly a treat for the eyes. For more information, go to  or or follow them on twitter:  @YarnGarage 

  Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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