Shareology does The (Minnesota State) Fair September 6, 2010

Shareology hasn’t been to the Minnesota State Fair in years:  many, many years.  At some point riding various choices on the Midway, until one debarks and deplanes in a less than perfect state, just loses its appeal.  However, once every twenty years or so an opportunity presents itself and it is time to take another look.   Oh, yeah, crowds.  Shareology hates crowds.  The thing about the Fair is by the time you are tired and want to go home, you are acres away from your vehicle and hours away from escape.  Oh, yeah, now I remember why I don’t go to the Fair.  

That being said, Shareology did manage the horse and cattle barns, a free malt, the butter carving station, the new baby animal barn, and a few animals that didn’t live on the farm she grew up on.  Alpacas or llamas?   You be the judge.  

We start out in the house barn....

the original ponytail....

A free malt: Thank You, Princess Kay!!!

Although the only thing better than a free malt might be a raspberry sundae……those lines really move!  It’s a miracle I ever left the Dairy Building.  Ya got do something while working on that free malt; turns out that puts you 3 feet from the best known exhibit at the Fair:   Butter Sculpture!!  




Time to head to the cattle barns, where the contrasts are kinda interesting.  (Shareology still knows the difference between a Hereford and an Angus, and what a raised tail on a cow means.  The two things it could mean.) 

Flowers, luggage and.................

....the reason you're there in the first place....

Definitely time to head for the Giraffe Parking Lot……ooooohhhh, look it’s llama judging!!! 






That black llama rocks!!!  OKay, time for one last foot long and this time Shareology is really leaving……..See Ya There!! 

In say another twenty years…… 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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