Social Media Breakfast at the Minnesota State Fair: Saw You There!! September 5, 2010

Shareology packed her tiara and headed for Falcon Heights last Friday.  She probably should packed a parka and Uggs, but Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #29 was held inside a tent and that helped a great deal.   


Food is a key (the key?) offering at the Fair; Social Media Breakfast #29 set a new standard with food from French Meadow Bakery.  Scrambled eggs and bacon sandwiches and morning desert!   Strawberries and cream were involved!  

Ron McCoy hits the French Meadow jackpot!


Bacon AND Strawberries: who knew??


Shareology just got this same brand laptop!!



ooooooh, look what the winners get:  chocolate covered bacon!!  


It was so cold that..........@Quick13 had to tweet with one glove on.....



The United Way Winner is........Just Judy Judy Judy!!!


and that Jason guy on Channel 9 probably had something to do with it!! 

@JustJudyBlog won an iPad for all that United Way tweeting!!




Princess Kay meets...........Princess Kay!


Shareology had waited her whole life for the above photo opp; Princess Kay was a delight and appeared not to be permanently scared by the photo request.   Shareology was on her very best behavior!! 

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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