Microsoft at the Mall of America: August Update August 29, 2010

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Shareology checked out the build for the new Microsoft store at Mall of America on August 26, 2010; below are a few photos of this LARGE square footage store-to-be.  

Please note that the build walls are totally blank:  not a Microsoft logo in sight!!  

All the way to Nickelodean Universe!!

 The space on first floor South runs from the corner facing Legoland all the way back to Nickelodean Universe!! This is one massive store to be in terms of square footage!  


 Above is a view of the other side of the store-to-be, facing guess what?  

Microsoft's across the hall neighbor? Apple, of course!

Guesstimates of opening are in the October range….  Shareology is gonna grab her lawn chair, the one with pockets on each side for refreshments, set it up under the crystal chandeliers, and watch the fun begin!!  Y’all don’t think Apple is gonna take this quietly do you?    

P.S. to Hugo Boss fans:  The store is complete, black lines all the windows (as in “We are not Open for Business quite yet…”)   

 Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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