A New Shopping Center in 2010?? Update 2!! August 1, 2010

Shareology has been getting a lot of interest in her posts on A New  Shopping Center 2009 and 2010, a.k.a.  West End,  located just West  of Minneapolis.  Why the original post and now not 1, but 2 updates?  This shopping center has  been slowly opening shops and restaurants; every time Shareology shows up, there is something new to look at:

The key focus of this success story seems to be dinner and a movie; here’s a look at your dining choices:

Toby Keith’s is getting several crowd’s:  lunch, dinner, music….you can find gobs of free parking and all these choices of where to party……

Cooper has been a hit from the get-go…..

Crave #3 is up and running!!

Ringo is the new kid  on the block:

Sauce is adding to the parade of outdoor eating:

And our final restaurant was in a hiring mode when Shareology went by:

After “dinner and a movie”….West End offers some fun stuff for the mama crowd:

Hot Mama and Uber Baby, in addition to Creative Kid Stuff, make this a fun afternoon out for moms.

Plus West End is just plain relaxing, with its ease of parking and streetscape:

Finally, Shareology just looooooooves the following window:

This ain’t the megamall; you aren’t going to find every retailer in town here.  But for a relaxing movie, a bite to eat before you go, ease of parking — it’s hard to beat the West End!

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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