CrowdPitch: What can YOU say about your business idea in 4 minutes?? July 18, 2010

Love entrepreneurs?  or for that matter, intrapreneurs?  Then come along with  Shareology to relive last week’s CrowdPitch in Minneapolis! Six baby companies presented for 4 minutes each, then answered 3 minutes of questions from the audience.  They covered industries from medical devices for spines or dialysis to websites for personal information security to property rental to combining bids on commercial property.  A panel of 5 gave feedback (Let’s see Paula and Simon critique marketing and financial plans for startups!)  An overview of the contest below:   



Judges Panel:   



The six companies who pitched their ideas in four minutes!   

Christine Horton of Corespine Technologies kicks off!

Lukas Dickie of Gimigo

Jon Coudron of Minute Bids

MobileOn Services

Michael Kallok of Phraxis


And the winner is???   Minute Bids! (follow at @joncoudron )   

Minute Bids takes the Day!

 Shareology was amused by MobileOn Services, an App Building Factory, for their first customer range from “congressmen to book clubs to Italian communists….”  Now that’s a customer range!  

Crowd Pitch will be in Minneapolis again on November 11, 2010!  Follow them on Twitter at #crowdpitch or @FundingUniverse plus more info at   

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


One Response to “CrowdPitch: What can YOU say about your business idea in 4 minutes??”

  1. Shane Says:

    It was great meeting you last week Kay. Thanks for your support of the event and this terrific blog post. See you in November.

    Director of Events

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