Which was the first store to sell Apple products in Uptown? July 7, 2010

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No, not the shiny new Apple store next to the Suburban Theater in Minneapolis– it’s FirstTech at 2640 Hennepin!  

Shareology had a great comment left on her Uptown Apple story last week by Harvey Zuckman of FirstTech.   Since she was guaranteed photos within FirstTech’s store, she marched off to another Apple store in Uptown, this one with a boatload of history.  

Per Harvey :  “FirstTech offers so much more to support the Apple computer products we sell. We have a greater selection of peripheral products and we are there to help customers when they need to upgrade their existing equipment, whether they need a larger hard drive or more memory.  

In addition, FirstTech has an extensive offering of hands-on training classes in a comfortable, intimate training room – including Adobe applications, Apple certification and FileMaker.  

FirstTech’s services don’t stop at carry-in hardware repair.  Whether you have new or old equipment or need an on-site call, FirstTech can help.  

As the longest-serving Apple dealer anywhere, FirstTech has nearly 33 years of experience, but has kept up with technology.  Our locally-owned, independent business has built our reputation on providing knowledgeable and attentive customer service, We care about our community and our clients and we think it shows.”  

Now let’s take a peek at those photos Shareology got inside this Apple dealer!  

FirstTECH, located at 2640 Hennepin Avenue

If you need to, you can....Epson and Xerox sold here....

Shareology has cover envy.....

Choices, Choices, Choices

Remember these?

Shareology is drawn to bright, shiny objects.....

whiteboard capability for schools: who knew?

one of the training rooms.......

our host, Harvey Zuckman

No appointment needed! Macs Fixed Fast!

 So there you have it, folks.   Uptown Minneapolis is now served by two spectacular Apple stores.   Enjoy! 

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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