Social Media Day in Uptown Minneapolis July 1, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30 was Social Media Day (thanks to those folks at mashable and the ability of tweeple to organize tweet-ups  — well, pretty darn quickly).  Shareology was alerted to this momentous occasion by Agency Babylon.  Fresh from the Dakota prairie, she found herself deep in her former stomping grounds of Uptown.  

First, the pre-party at Frank, a firm combining social media, organizational development and branding:  

Social Media Day: Started by those fun folks at mashable....

watching the tweet stream....

?'s for the tweet stream: check out #4!!

TweetDeck live at frank!

Shareology's favorite: taking pictures of people taking pictures!

To find about more about frank, so to:  

Now properly prepared, Shareology headed into deepest, darkest Uptown, only a block from where she lived for 17 years, to Chino Latino.  Who would be surprised to find the first person she saw was @MyklRoventine?  Lots of familiar celebrants:  

food appears and the celebrants head for the patio...okay, Hennepin Avenue...

@Philson takes a pic of @MyklRoventine while @DotMeg "helps"....

Ivan and Keith get deep into future retail pricing apps....

The perfect martini.....

Shareology exited Uptown (she had an early morning planned at jmu612 at Urban Bean…) when a sign at Drink caught her eye advertising apps….(what, a restaurant/bar downloads applications???)  noooooo. it’s appetizers!   Shareology might be a tad too deep into social media….. Trying to take a pic for the blog, she found out her lens had a strange error message.  Turns out Shareology’s lens went kaput.  Which explains why there are no pictures of a great jmu612 on games.  In case you wonder what went down, check out #jmu612 on twitter. 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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