SMBMSP #27: Sports, Social Media and Shareology! June 19, 2010

In the interest of full disclosure:  Shareology’s idea of a sport is the Triple Crown.  Given that, it was way past time to learn more about sports and social media.  Off Shareology went to Target Center in downtown Minneapolis for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #27.   

SMBMSP 27:  a great sports panel on how they use social media for their organizations, teams, fans, and more. Here’s the lineup:   

  • Candice Wiggins of the Minnesota Lynx (@CandiceWiggins)
  • Gregg Litman from WCCO (@GRLitman)
  • Matt Teske from the St. Paul Saints (@StPaulSaints)
  • Scott Spiridigliozzi from the Minnesota Timberwolves (@Liozzi)
  • Austin Stair Calhoun from the UM Tucker Center (@austinstair)

Gregg Litman shared this bit of wisdom (that so many politicians have not learned) “Treat all mikes like they’re open…”   

Actually, to pull this wisdom into social media:  Treat all social  media (twitter, blogs, google, everything…) like it is live…….and forever!   




Sarah Smiles!


Candice, Scott, Gregg


Gregg, Austin, Matt



Sini Ross delivering the signed Lynx ball to Gabriel Skelly!


Social Media DJ's


Joel's Fan Club!! Twitterview Forever!!


Candice got rave reviews: on and off court!!


Post Panel Networking


To find out more, go to Twitter:   @smbmsp   #smbmsp   and  

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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