Mall of America Summer Update June 2, 2010

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Quick 1-2-3 update from the Mall of America:  

One:   Hugo Boss is much closer to reality at MOA: 

South Corridor, 1st Floor, Hugo Boss sooooon!


 Two:   Shareology was taken with these hats:  I need to adopt a four-year old! 

   Is it just Shareology,  or do two of those hats seem to be flirting? 

 Three:  It’s the anniversary of the June 3, 1967 longest home run ever hit in Met Stadium by (who else?) Harmon Killebrew!  He slammed this 520 foot homer into the 2nd deck in left field, and shattered not one but two seats!   Let’s see how this is celebrated: 


See that tiny red speck on the grey wall?


The red chair marks the spot that homer landed!


Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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