Social Media Breakfast #25: Real Estate April 25, 2010

Shareology was in St. Paul Friday for Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis St. Paul #25 at Concordia University’s Buetow Music Center for a panel on Real Estate and Social Media.    

Moderator: Lisa Grimm (@lulugrimm), Action Selling

Jeff O’Brien (@jeffobrien), Mansfield Tanick & Cohen
Greg Sax (@gsax), 10K Research & Marketing
Teresa Boardman (@TBoard), Saint Paul Home Realty
Jason Sandquist (@JasonSandquist), Living Twin Cities
Alex Stenback (@Alex_Stenback), Residential Mortgage Group
Steve Ladin (@LadinVentures), Ladin Ventures


Now this is what Spring should look like! Well done, Rick!

Always try to sit next to a guy with an iPad:    

Can't argue with the sharpness of this display....

Watching the livecast, and waving like heck from the front row....

Erica Mayer raised $5K for her charity, and 3 guys showed up to turn cartwheels in celebration.   Unlike South Dakota rodeos, there were no ambulances standing by:    





ummm, this would be Keith flyin'

Ms. Erica Mayer says "Thank you!" to all!

 The panel begins; order from left to right is:       Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason:    

Jeff, Greg, Alex, Teresa, Steve, Jason

Jeff, Greg, Alex

Teresa, Steve

Steve, Jason

Lisa Grimm, our moderator!

Now for the all important networking part of the morning!!

@Dave1Meyer and @RonMcCoyMedia

Not bad for two people who cartwheeled through the morning!

One more handshake before we leave!


Among the channels used for real estate and social media are Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, and YouTube.  Most had used blogs to build trust and relationships, and recommended beginning by listening, for at least a month, before jumping in The River of Social Media. (A tip of the hat to Jen Kane for the use of the phrase The River.)   Teresa does give a nod to tradition with a virtual bus bench.   And somewhere in the morning the phrase “It’s not rocket surgery” went sailing by.  Thanks to all for another great Social Media Breakfast!    

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire 


One Response to “Social Media Breakfast #25: Real Estate”

  1. not sure we actually got to meet face to face Kay, let’s make sure we do next time 😉

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