A Jewel of a Park: Gold Metal and the Guthrie April 17, 2010

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How simple can a park be?   Shareology found out recently in a visit to Gold Metal Park, next to the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.   She actually started to make a list of the elements, as the park seemed the utmost in simplicity.  Surprisingly, she counted five:     

  1. a hill
  2. grass
  3. trees
  4. paths
  5. benches

With only these 5 elements, let’s see what simplicity looks like:     




On the very tip top of the hill.....


more hilltop views: the Mississippi River, the new 35W bridge


The Guthrie Theater, from Gold Metal Park


Are all parks this functional and thoughtful? for your doggie....


A View from UNDER a Bridge.....


Shareology revisited last week and is amazed what a quick and powerful walk it is to the top of the Hill.  Get lost around the Guthrie, take the Stone Arch Bridge across the Mississippi or go in the door of Mill City Museum, and enter the Ruined Courtyard.   Sublime.   

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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