Faris Yakob at MIMA March 11, 2010

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Shareology wandered to downtown Minneapolis Monday, March 8 for:  CATFOA 2010: STUFF THAT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY: HOW TECHNOLOGY CHANGES THE NATURE OF ADVERTISING 

We were welcomed to the second installment of the third year of Conversations About The Future Of Advertising, co-sponsored by MCAD+MIMA. (

Faris Yakob (@faris), the former Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson NYC, talked about what technology actually is [and what his job was], why it scares people, why everything changes this year, how advertising has to adapt to a post-scarcity media environment, and what cultural latency is. 

Prior to McCann, Faris was the Senior Strategist and Digital Ninja at Naked Communications; a Speaker at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium; and a Strategic Media Planner at OMD. 

Pics from the evening: 

Let's hear it for the always magnificent MIMA food!




Tim Brunelle, Hello Viking and MIMA President



Faris Yakob




@Faris and other contact info


For content of this presentation, go to #MIMA on twitter.  For updates: or 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


Argyle Friday at MOA March 5, 2010

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Shareology has a head overflowing with retail and social media….thus her post for #SMBMSP will likely be up Sunday or Monday……(she has also noticed that wordpress had a  bad case of the icks this morning, and she wants to ensure she has her technology on her side before proceeding).

In compensation, below is a majestic photo of the Argyle Friday presence at Mall of America this morning, photo supplied by Joel Feder:

Thanks, Joel!!   This is some cool Friday group!!   Shareology is now headed to Target to get some Argyle socks like Kate-Madonna’s!!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


Retail, Social Media Breakfast and Mall of America: Woot! March 4, 2010

Shareology skipped over to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy at the Mall of America for Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis – St. Paul  #24 for a panel of retail business people who are using or exploring the use of social media.  

Presentation: Hans Eisenbeis, Iconoculture  

Panel: Social Media & Retail  

Moderator: Lisa Grimm, Action Selling  

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners
Bridget Jewell, Mall of America
Jennifer Rock, Best Buy
Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream  

Shareology found the most refreshing portion of the morning was that the panel’s willingness to admit their social media errors and share their learning.  In a perfect world, well-reasoned strategy would be the foundation of each social media plan; in the real world, fear of action tends to stop most companies from even beginning.   The value of experimentation was strongly stressed. 

A few panel highlights: 

David Erickson, Tunheim Partners, brought up the Wait Concept.  David talked about the value of waiting – of not replying instantly to a post or a tweet.  He and others on the panel emphasized letting others in the conversation bring balance; every tweet doesn’t have to be answered by you alone.  This may have been the most valuable concept of the morning.  He also talked about having not necessarily the most followers, but the right followers.   

Bridget Jewell, Mall of America, gave a great practical example of the Twitter parking alerts used during holiday season.  Guests were given real time updates of where parking was available at MOA.  The MOA parking staffer providing information was so supportive of the program he took to calling Bridget’s staff his “Parking Tweethearts!”  A key point from Bridget was that social media is superb for taking those You-Think-You-Knows about your business and finding out if your customers actually agree or actually act that way.  During Q & A the panel was asked if they monitor other sites, if they learn from other social media users.  The resounding answer from Bridget was “all…the..time!”   

Jennifer Rock, Best Buy, is responsible for internal communication and finds social media invaluable for managing communications in both directions for thousands of employees.  Challenges have included concerns of HR, legal and executives. One creative answer was a spreadsheet anticipating all possible *&!@ kinds of words and developing alternative phrases to capture the meaning without the actual  *&!@.  She emphasized that she might have gone through a more strategic approach given what she has learned now, but that there is a great deal to be said to have learned by doing. 

Jeff Sommers, Izzy’s Ice Cream, , has got to be very conscious of time spent on social media as a very small business owner.  In-store time with real customers takes priority as he begins to enlarge his social media footprint.  Look for a BIG announcement from Izzy’s soon!  Don’t know if it was harder for him not to share or for us not to know NOW! 

Let’s take a look at the morning:  


Mykl and Rick, our fearless leaders

To all the sponsors: Thank You!!!

tweet feast during at #smbmsp

ummm ... it's that bacon-flavored ice cream mentioned above...


moderator, @LuLuGrimm


Panel: David, Bridget, Jennifer, Jeff

David Erickson, post-panel

Jennifer Rock and more on Best Buy

Bridget Jewell of Mall of America

The Argyle Friday contingent

Shareology wants to thank Mykl and Rick for another superb panel, Lisa Grimm for keeping the panel on target and for great questions, and a  special thanks (It is Oscar weekend!) goes out to all those sponsors who make social media learning and networking possible.

More on Social Media Breakfast at  or follow on Twitter at #smbmsp  

Kay Roseland @KayLoire  


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