Faris Yakob at MIMA March 11, 2010

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Shareology wandered to downtown Minneapolis Monday, March 8 for:  CATFOA 2010: STUFF THAT DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY: HOW TECHNOLOGY CHANGES THE NATURE OF ADVERTISING 

We were welcomed to the second installment of the third year of Conversations About The Future Of Advertising, co-sponsored by MCAD+MIMA. (

Faris Yakob (@faris), the former Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson NYC, talked about what technology actually is [and what his job was], why it scares people, why everything changes this year, how advertising has to adapt to a post-scarcity media environment, and what cultural latency is. 

Prior to McCann, Faris was the Senior Strategist and Digital Ninja at Naked Communications; a Speaker at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium; and a Strategic Media Planner at OMD. 

Pics from the evening: 

Let's hear it for the always magnificent MIMA food!




Tim Brunelle, Hello Viking and MIMA President



Faris Yakob




@Faris and other contact info


For content of this presentation, go to #MIMA on twitter.  For updates: or 

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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