The Wire…the new age of interactive news & the future of Mobile Marketing. February 19, 2010

Shareology attended the Executive Marketing Guild February 19, where Dan Monfre, New Media Sales Manager at WCCO-TV shared exciting inside scoop of the soon to be launched future of interactive news: The Wire. This new site will primarily focus on local news in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with a frosting of national  news.  Dan  also took out his crystal ball and shared some of the  exciting future aspects of mobile marketing.    Sierra Bravo worked in conjunction with Channel 4 TV personnel to create this interactive news web and mobile site.  Almost two years in the making, launch date is early March, 2010: you’ve  been warned!!

Dan Monfre sets up his presentation

The Wire: at its most basic

Imagine what Shareology can't show you: Yet!

@Graeme Thickins tweeting at #wccowire

Sini Ross presents Dan with a gift from Executive Marketing Guild

Your early March location:   (There might be a soft opening a tad sooner…)

For more information on Executive Marketing Guild,  go to:

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


2 Responses to “The Wire…the new age of interactive news & the future of Mobile Marketing.”

  1. Stratiholic Says:

    Thanks Kay for the great pictures and summary…Huge Thanks to Dan for allowing us to be the first in the Twin Cities to see the live Alpha/Beta version. We can’t wait to take it for a spin!!!

  2. thanks, Kay – nice post! remind me to smile next time 🙂

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