Politics and Social Media at #SMBMSP #23 February 13, 2010

Shareology traveled to St. Paul on February 12 for a discussion of social media and politics at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St.  Paul  #23: 

Panel: Politics and Social Media 

Facilitated by: Blois R. Olson (Tunheim Partners) 

Panel Members:  

  • Michael Brodkorb (Deputy Chair GOP/Comm. Director Senate GOP caucus)
  • Denise Cardinal (Executive Dir. / Alliance for a Better Minnesota)
  • Tom Scheck (MPR)
  • Rachel Stassen-Berger (StarTribune)

 Computers, smart phones, the internet have all changed segments of the world in the last few years; print media and journalism have been and continue to be highly impacted.  Starting from “What’s the internet?” to “It just hit Drudge” to “It’s all over YouTube!”  how does journalism and politics function in a world that still requires sources to verify truth and where suddenly everyone is a journalist? 

Images from St. Paul, a few steps from the Capitol: 



@ColleenMick signs 'em in!

Ummmm... tradition!



can you spot our very own above? @dianekulseth   @BG3dPPC  & @jeffsauer

Laptop coming through!!

our fearless leaders


Blois Olson






the all important post-panel networking begins

one more conversation before hitting the parking lot.....

For more information, follow the discussion on Twitter at #smbmsp or go to 

How excited do you think Shareology is to hear the next Social Media Breakfast will be held at Mall of America on March 5?  Can you guess the topic?   See you there!! 

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


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