Banish the Winter Blahs at Mall of America! February 10, 2010

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Shareology is pretty much done with winter; one might wish that winter felt the same way.   Minneapolis has had its share of snow lately, although the East Coast is waaaaaay ahead of us in flyover land.   What you don’t have on either the East or West Coasts is………..  the Mall of America!   As soon as the latest red and orange warning colors cleared on, Shareology was off to MOA to check out what might be a reason for living.   She found several; however, before she set foot in the actual mall, she had to endure one final blast of white: 

Between the West Parking Ramp and Macy's, Shareology found.......more Snow!!!

 Ed Hardy opened last October and is the perfect place to find a pricey T shirt with attitude: 



One of the oldies but goodies at Mall of America is Legoland, still entertaining kids of all ages: 



The great thing about MOA is you can find stores devoted to just one thing:  say sunglasses — or flip-flops!  Yep, deep in the heart of Minnesota winter, an entire store devoted to flip-flops  with the perfect name of Flips: 



What struck Shareology about this trip to Mall  of America is that there are a boatload of things to do that don’t speak much to traditional retail.  Wanna go wall climbing?   You can do that smack in the middle (OK, off to the NW wall) of Nickelodeon Universe: 




Some windows include a web site these days; some go straight to texting: 


It is approaching Valentine’s Day and there are lots of options: 


remember, dark chocolate is goooood for you!

Two last items before we leave; the first is an important historical note buried in the northwest corner of Nickelodeon Universe: 


Finally, also in Nickelodeon Universe, Shareology found that promise of spring she was looking for: 


All better now!   

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


2 Responses to “Banish the Winter Blahs at Mall of America!”

  1. Colleen McGuire Says:

    You are so right Kay! I love going to MOA when it’s beyond stressful at the office. I ride the roller coaster once or twice and WWHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE! Stress be gone.

    Gotta love Minnesota.

  2. Dylan Says:

    I love MOA! Walking the floors is good exercise.

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