Pining for Princess Finery? January 30, 2010

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Shareology was on her way to coffee at Good Earth in Galleria once again on Friday.  You might remember that coffee at Good Earth consists of yogurt with raspberries and kiwis……   One of the delights of Galleria is the indoor walking and eye candy combination.  Now the two Tiffany windows are probably on the top of the eye candy list.   But on the other side of Galleria, Arafina manages to pull off glorious gown color combinations.  Shareology always stops to see what colors are bouncing off each other.  Friday there were no colors…(Halston did decree that the primarys are black, white and red….)

What was in the window was the most wonderful princess dress Shareology has seen in a long, long while.  Too bad there are no inaugural balls in DC to attend this year.  (Last year, one local lady did buy her dress at Arafina before flying off to her ball.) 

Below is sheer eye candy to perk up your winter blahs.  P.S.  Black and white is a trend that just will not die.  

Shareology always thought “pearl encrusted bodice” was one of those really over the top descriptions of something that anyone could easily live without.   But the pearls on this dress just elevate it to heavenly.  Maybe Shareology has a Barbie doll tucked away in a closet that needs a new dress.

UPDATE February 2, 2010:

Shareology couldn’t resist one more look at “the dress”…..  To justify what has become an obession, she popped in to Arafina and asked “Who IS the designer?”

The black short cocktail dress is by Robert Rodriguez.   Next to it, the magic tulle gown is by Jovani

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


One Response to “Pining for Princess Finery?”

  1. Wow, that dress is beautiful.

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