New Jobs News from Smiling and Dialing January 13, 2010

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The Smiling and Dialing Club is a networking club for Senior Executives; their mission is to help senior executives find new or additional employment within the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area.  The most recent meeting on January 12, 2010 found the group celebrating 20 years of networking experience.  Since 80% of jobs are found through networking, groups such as Smiling and Dialing are key to the process. Normally, the meeting room at Golden Valley Country Club has around 170 attendees; at the January 12 meeting, there were 106 people.

 This rather dramatic reduction in attendance can be attributed to one of three factors:

  • everyone is wintering in Naples
  • folks have given up searching
  • the job search picture is brightening!

Shareology found other information to support the last bullet.  At the January 4 Wooddale job search group, 15 people showed up with the announcement that they had found new positions.  In addition, at the January 11 meeting, 17 people had new jobs!   These are huge numbers compared to last year and do reflect “beginning of new budget year” hiring; what a warm way to start the new year!

 Some photos from Smiling and Dialing: 





7 am starting time gives holiday lights a special glow

Sign In Time!

Smiling and Dialing co-founder Lonny Gulden

co-founder Mike Dunn

networking, networking, networking

exchange those business cards!

Networking in Minnesota in January

To join Smiling and Dialing, one initially is invited as the guest of a current member.  To find out more about the group, go to:

 Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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