Galleria Roundabout Update December 14, 2009

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Since Shareology loooooves the Galleria, and since Minneapolis-St. Paul has semi embraced roundabouts in our roadways, the following from the StarTribune this morning, had Shareology LOL:

More circular thoughts

My colleagues are starting to call me “Roundaboutguy” because of all the questions on this topic, but today I’ll just share a little something from alert reader Max, who was using one of the roundabouts just south of Southdale in Edina, and:

My wife had a fit that I was in that left lane … that raised section.

Memo to Max: Those are single-lane roundabouts, and you weren’t in the left lane because there isn’t one. That’s the truck apron, which helps fire rigs and other large vehicles navigate the roundabout. So unless you were driving a semi to the Galleria, your wife had the right idea.

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