LinkedIn linked to twitter? Beware…… November 24, 2009

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Busy sending your tweets to LinkedIn?   Consider carefully……….. and stop it!

People who were smartly using the LinkedIn status line now show up on LinkedIn with twitter goobeldegook mucking up their LinkedIn presence.  The LinkedIn status line is one of the strongest tools in your social media kit; use it wisely! 

At minnebar, @MNHeadHunter says he is just waiting for someone to be tweeting about those )#(*& Vikings, Gophers, (fill in the blank) and send it not only to  twitter (where it will barely register on the Oh, Horrors! scale) but to LinkedIn.   LinkedIn is your resume folks!!!  Keep it concise, focused and a proud representation of the best of you.   Keep Twitter for your best casual, snarky, witty self.  Oh and one last thought?

Google is forever!   And for that matter, so is Twitter!!!  Let the social media user plan for the future before you hit that Update key.

Kay Roseland     @KayLoire


4 Responses to “LinkedIn linked to twitter? Beware……”

  1. Emily M Says:

    Or learn how to use the selective tweet function! Just like FB, LinkedIn gives you the option to choose which tweets appear in your status.

  2. Neal Kielar Says:

    Emily’s advice is correct, but it is easy to forget to check or uncheck that option for each status update. I think it’s safer to disable the function in LinkedIn. I mean c’mon, we’re in Twitter all day anyway!

  3. nathaneganwp Says:

    I couldn’t agree more:

  4. Sini Ross Says:

    Kay, I use twitter for work…not personal. It’s a great tool for creating awareness and getting information out there quickly. I do share some fun personal comments…but it is always suitable for business conversation. So, I would suggest the possibility of a Business Twitter account and a truly personal one.

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