Happy Friday the 13th! November 13, 2009

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Just a quick note about some coming attractions on Shareology….   So many of you have clicked on “A New Shopping Center in 2009?  Are they Mad?”  that an update  is in the works.   Key store and restaurant openings in West End make a return visit by Shareology and her camera a must.  

Shareology also scored her ticket to Social  Media Breakfast Minneapolis – St. Paul #21 a week from today at Imation headquarters in St.  Paul.   Looking forward to a great content session and ever fun shots of social media geeks at play.   SMBMSP is one of the most satisfying groups Shareology has ever been a part  of  (unless you count Alpha Psi Omega, the drama fraternity, and Shareology does!!) 

So enjoy your Friday the 13th;  see you back here in the next few days with more retail and social media news, pictures and general frivolity!

Happy Weekend!

Kay Roseland   @KayLoire


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