HomeMade Pizza Opens another Mpls Store September 11, 2009

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In Chicago, they know from Pizza!   So when Shareology was invited to the grand opening of another HomeMade Pizza Co. store in Minneapolis recently, she had high expectations.   Headquartered in Chicagoland, with stores in DC, IL and MN, HomeMade Pizza is a take and bake store.  Offering pizza, salads and (OMG!) ice cream, it’s a great way to grab something on the way home that is quick and tastes great.    Shareology was particularly impressed with the promotions and marketing evidenced that night.  It was all she could do to keep from begging for a ride in the HomeMade Pizza Pickup.  CMO Gordon Montgomery and Founder and CEO Eric Fosse were warm and charming hosts; let’s take a peek at the pizza party at 3054 Excelsior Boulevard:






Nothing sadder than a ravenous crowd devoring almost the last piece….until the grill opens again!







Founder and CEO Eric Fosse really  knows his way around a grill and a pizza cutter; if you can make pizza in Chicago, you can make it anywhere……  

For more information, (and a list of mouth watering ingredients) go to   or follow them on Twitter at   @HomeMadePizzaCo    (and see a picture of mouth watering ingredients….)    

Hmmmmmm…Shareology will be in this neck of the woods this evening — might be time to try out that ice cream — and maybe a salad to  balance the meal…..

Kay Roseland    @KayLoire


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