Back to School at Mall of America August 18, 2009

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Shareology wasn’t always fond of Mall of America…(who wants to go shopping in something THAT big?).   She turned the corner when life presented an opportunity, as part of her MBA, to take Retail Management — and the classroom location?  Mall of America.   Well, after Shareology got over the shock, she could not imagine a more perfect place for a Retail Management classroom.  For those curious amongst you, the classroom was tucked away down a hallway, across from Rainforest Cafe,  just outside Bloomies.  

In the quest of yet  more retailing dreams turned into reality, Shareology took herself off Tuesday afternoon to Mall of America, known hereafter as MOA.   Shareology may have finished that MBA, but other students are soon to bid August goodbye and head back to their own classrooms.   What did Shareology find?   Conservative colors, denim and yet more denim.  Oh, for this R word to end, so that the rainbow of colors that we all deserve can be back in stores;  right now, not so much.




OK, enough with the boring denim already!  Doesn’t anyone do denim with dash?


Say what you will about The Gap, this window blows straight through boring into brilliant…..but all this monochromatic color has got Shareology wanting some color back in her life.   And she found it, although she is gonna have to adopt a niece to justify a purchase at the Disney store; anybody have a niece you can lend me?  (Three nephews make Shareology particularly susceptible to the lures of Disney.)




The detail on these dresses is just amazing — the headdress has a veil attached to the crown that looks positively like what Eleanor of Aquitaine must have looked like as a tween.  Okay, time to head for something a tad more sophisticated:




Makes you want to read more and find out the history of this relatively new brand…..  Speaking of new, Shareoloy noticed one very clever way to maximize sales:


Some  consumers shop instore; some consumers shop online. Some do research online, and buy instore.  Some research instore and buy online.  Bricks or clicks, Fossil is going to ensure it gets its share of all shoppers. 

Why would anybody want to buy an $1,100 coat in this economy?   When Burberry provides alterations to  fit this coat specifically to you:  that’s when.   What garment cries out for a perfect fit more than a trench coat?  Who knew Burberry offered tailoring?  Shareology came darn close to selling that $1,100 coat Tuesday afternoon.  If you want this coat, ask for Mark; he’s great.


Getting tired?  Time to pop up to 3rd floor for the pause that refreshes, and lets you spend 5 cents on your favorite tune at Johnny Rockets:


Ooooohhh, that malt was amazing!   All geared up now for the last 4 stops on our MOA tour:    first up, the eagerly awaiting opening of:


Going to wait around for the opening?  How ever to kill time?   Yep, it’s a lot like Vegas here at MOA:  you can get married while you wait:


And finally, the shot below is NOT of the Apple store at MOA; Shareology lives in fear  of having to be bailed out from taking an inappropriate photo in an inappropriate venue.  (Although the lady in the Gucci department at Nordstrom gets raves from Shareology for extremely politely saying “No photos, please.”)  Apparently Apple also likes to  guard its retailing mojo.   Suffice it to say, the MOA  Apple store was packed with consumers learning, tapping and consuming.  Many, Many consumers.   Well, that much success is a tad boring.  Guess what retailer had not so much audience in its Apple department? 


Let Shareology emphasize that this is not the Apple Store; it is another retailer.   Same products:  no audience….but that’s another post from Shareology.  

For more about Back to School trends, check out   Lots of fun stuff from 520 MOA stores, plus the rescue of two fashion victims, Nate and Hannah.

Shareology bids you adieu with one final bit of history.   Buried on a side street in the former Camp Snoopy, now Nickelodeon Universe, is the following plaque.  To think the ball park that replaced Met Stadium is about to be replaced itself…..



3 Responses to “Back to School at Mall of America”

  1. carl lee Says:

    They say art reflects life. We are in a dark time.

    As for the MOA, it will be undergoing a transformation.

    MAYO CLINIC-MOA. This will bring the Arabs back! But, seriously, when my mom was ill, she’d spend a half day at the clininc there in Austin. Usually, there’s a family member or members there. Also, MAYO is expanding its business in other ways. Ever been? It’s the model clinic.

    How much good will it do the MOA? In a few years, their key tenant may fill half their space.

  2. Gary Says:

    Hey–don’t be afraid of the Apple store! They really don’t mind if you take photos of the store as long as you’re not disrupting things. I’ve been in lots of stores and have taken photos without objection. Just don’t use a tripod and don’t film your senior project there! But snapshots–no problem!

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