Which Twin Cities Shopping Center is this? And this? August 17, 2009

Shareology is taken with the ups and downs of life and the ups and downs of shopping centers.  Take the photo below for example.  Shareology once worked for five years for the company that created, owned and managed the shopping center below.  At the time it was a stimulating beginning exposure to a retailing innovator.  Now, below, owned by others, managed by others, not so much.  And sadly, this entity was on top of the mountain when it began a whole new category of shopping with its debut. 

Shopping Center One:


In contrast, the picture of a shopping center below.   Shareology spent at least two semesters attending classes in this mall; the strongest experience was Retailing Management, in the midst of a shopping center that attracts global attention, and one in which foot traffic never ceases to amaze.  

Shopping Center Two:


So Shareology readers, how’s your shopping center IQ?   Can you tell me which two shopping centers are pictured?  Click Leave a Reply and leave your answers below…..I’ll publish the winners in a week…..

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


6 Responses to “Which Twin Cities Shopping Center is this? And this?”

  1. dmkulseth Says:

    my guess would be Southdale for the first and MOA for the second.

  2. FED Says:

    Sadly, I fear the first picture is Southdale. It is heartbreaking to see what has become of the former jewel of Twin Cities malls. With vast open spaces (Mervyns, The Entire wing near JCPenney, the Food Court!) it has a real issue on its hands. The new opening of H&M gives hope but the Macy’s, Penneys and Gap/Banana/Victoria Secret has nearly no shoppers. About the only reason to go is an Apple store. There is no reason to go there when Eden Prairie, Ridgedale and MOA are all so vibrant.

    Simon Properties, the newest owner, seems to have done nothing more than change the outdoor signs from green to purple and put the security guards on Segways. They need a new anchor and to stop losing important/unique tenants like Crate & Barrel! And stop adding low-end stores like the Jacuzzi store that recently moved into the Suncoast Video location, any more nail salons (I think there are 3 now!) and the new Ant Mob(?), Super Dollar and China Handicrafts. All of which scream “Mall going down – abandon ship!”

    Here’s a list of possibilities that would help them: Add some unique retailers that would actually appeal to the upper middle class southwest Minneapolis suburbanite like Lulumon Athletica (not in any other mall), a couple of new rising stars like Blue Jeans Bar or Fashionology, and some reliables like DSW, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Refill its food court with interesting and appealing tenants like Chipotle, French Meadow Bakery, D’Amico and Tin Fish and get an anchor tenant for the Mervyn’s location which I believe has been empty for 5 years. Start with: Gander Mountain or Dicks Sporting Goods. Try a Bachmans – with use of the exterior east parking lot which is a vast sea of asphalt emptiness when Bachmans would need it in April – September. Try a Lifetime Fitness club! Go for a Nordstroms or David’s Bridal, even a Staples, Office Max or Office Depot could fill the space.

    Finally, it is far too easy for the crowded District on France section (PF Changs, Cheesecake Factory, Magiano’s, AMC Theater) to enter and exit without ever stepping inside the mall. I am sure that is important to their leases and clientele but there has to be some enticement to get those people to venture into the mall.

    AAaaaaah…..if only I were the queen. All this would be fixed.

  3. Sini Ross Says:

    Kay, it’s funny that you show a picture of the Abercrombie Store Front…all shuttered up. This is a technique that they use for all of their chains to create suspense and lure people in. A shopper cannot tell if anyone is inside and everything is dark. Kind of like a haunted house. It works. Next time you pass a store that allows the passerby to see everything at once, ask yourself, is it worth going in if no shoppers are there?

  4. the first is Southdale- I recognize the boarded up Mervyn’s. the second is definitely MOA!

  5. Neal Kielar Says:

    It is so sad to see how far Southdale has sunk. Most commercial sites that have passed their prime are either rehabilitated — to mixed results — or torn down.

    The latter is not an option. Yet, I’m not sure whether it’s fair to damn Simon Properties for taking over an already-ailing mall just as retail took a nosedive. Surely there is something they can do beyond this. I do fault mall property management for letting Crate & Barrel slip away to its current cramped and inconvenient location. Southdale should have GIVEN them the Mervyn’s space for free — at least one level of it.

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