What person or book has most influenced you? August 13, 2009

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Or  in another, more current take, what person or book has most impacted your thinking on social media?   Shareology needs to back away from the computer (No!!  not while #blogwell  is streaming on Twitter!!) and restock the learning bank at either the library or the bookstore.  So, what do YOU think?   Who have you learned from?  Inquiring minds at Shareology and @KayLoire want to know.


6 Responses to “What person or book has most influenced you?”

  1. Stratiholic Says:

    It’s a coincidence but for me they are both German Immigrants: Gunter Deitmar, Architecture Professor at the U of Minnesota who taught me how to do “Rip & Tear Model”s the concept is that imperfections give us inspiration for creative design. The second person is Horst Rechelbacher who is the founder of Aveda corporation. I had the opportunity to interview him for one of my classes at St. Thomas. He is the one who shared with me that “Crisis is equal to Opportunity”. In a way, both of these mentors where sharing exactly the same concept. That life is full of bumps in the road or imperfections. If everything were perfect, life would be boring and sterile. If we look at challenges with a creative and entrepreneurial eye…we can transform what other would see as obstacles into great works of art or situations that we can greatly benefit from. Sini Ross – Stratiholic

  2. Heather Isaacs Says:

    the most recent book that has influenced me is how to Think like Leonardo da Vinci. every chapter is full of exercises to tap into our personal genius and look at the world in new ways. I spend time making lists of questions that I want answered and thinking about where I can redirect my life with enthusiasm and creativity

  3. kayroseland Says:

    The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World
    By Marti Olsen Laney

    As an introvert – one big help.

    Thanks for asking

  4. t menken Says:

    My biggest life influencer people:
    1. My uncle, a successful urban attorney who never forgot his rural roots or sense of humor: success combined with humility
    2. My mother, who passed on patience, faith, and good old family values
    3. my father, who taught me the value of a strong work ethic
    and persistence in achieving goals

  5. The most influential book for me was the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. It helped me and those I consulted for repeatable systems and increased my productivity.

  6. Steph Nakib Says:

    The Facebook Era by Clara Shih.
    I work for Pearson/Prentice Hall and we published this title. Clara started writing for us around the time we started looking at the social web as a place for us to engage with our customers. At the time, I was not completely convinced that social networking would be the future for our B2C marketing, but then I started to read Clara’s manuscript. This book did an excellent job of not only explaining how we have come to this point, but how to thoughtfully, intelligently, and effectively use social networking for not just marketing, but business as a whole.

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