Hate Job Descriptions? Use this magic question…… August 5, 2009

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Ever think job descriptions are written in a particularly dense version of a language distantly related to English? I have a magic question for you to use; this question resulted in my getting hired at an online retailer.

When I first heard about the job, I wondered if it was too techie, too complex for me. So I asked the magic question “What qualities would make someone successful in this position?” The answer came back “Energy, Enthusiasm and the ability to be Analytical.” I smiled, I applied, I was hired.

So when you read a job description or are in an interview and want to cut to the chase, ask the magic question. When you hear the answer you can either run like the wind in the opposite direction or prepare to explain exactly why you have those three qualities. It’s magic!

Kay Roseland @KayLoire


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