What’s the opposite of Networking Fatigue? Networking Energy! August 4, 2009

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To counter the very popular Networking Fatigue article that Shareology recently posted, herewith follows a tale of Networking Energy which illustrates several principles Shareology is fond of. 

Shareology is often asked how she met AgencyBabylon.  Once upon a Veterans Day, Shareology had a fun day planned.  (As a State Worker Bee, she had this day off.)  She was off to the Betty Crocker Kitchens for lunch.  Well, OK, lunch in the General Mills cafeteria with a friend from Honeywell days.   What to do before lunch?

Shareology decided to pop in to the warehouse district offices of a vp of marketing to whom she had written a fan letter.  The vp of marketing was new to town, and had gotten a nice writeup in the Strib’s business section.  The vp’s vision of marketing was quite similar to Shareology’s and she had written her very first business fan letter.  Shareology arrived at the warehouse district office and asked for the vp, who turned out to be in London. Five open-ended questions later (perhaps there is someone else in marketing I might speak with?), AgencyBabylon was called, presumably to get the crazy lady out of the lobby. Shareology and AgencyBabylon sat down in a conference room, started a conversation over her resume, and two hours later…..Well, Shareology and AgencyBabylon have been sharing ideas and support ever since. 

Writing a fan letter? So outside the nine dots. Cold calling in person on someone who is in London? Waste of time….unless…you ask a number of open-ended questions….and Don’t get Kicked out of the Lobby.    Just saying……

For more ideas on networking, check out my PowerPoint (SlideShare) presentation on “Finding the Hidden Job Market” on my LinkedIn profile :

Kay Roseland  @KayLoire


2 Responses to “What’s the opposite of Networking Fatigue? Networking Energy!”

  1. Emily M Says:

    A friendly, drop-in, “hey, wonder if s/he’s around …” approach is one that few people would be brave enough to try. For you, it resulted in an unexpected but valuable business connection. Perhaps this will inspire others to get waaaaaay outside their comfort zones, too. You never know what might happen.

  2. Neal Kielar Says:

    As the object of that drop in, I have to say that my relationship with Kay has been highly valuable to me over the years. So keep in mind, those of you who want to network with someone, that you can and should bring value to the person whose time you’re seeking.

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