Thank Blog It’s Friday! July 30, 2009

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Shareology stole “Thank Blog It’s Friday” from AgencyBabylon; however, it will be the one and only time Shareology uses TBIF, the AB feature that debuted just a few months ago. Perhaps she will be forgiven this one time, given this post is actually one big Thank You to Agency Babylon.

Shareology has quite a few cheerleader tendencies, and yes, she does own a set of pompoms, thank you very much. A few months ago, she was more than happy to use those cheerleader skills as AgencyBabylon went through its conception, creation and launch phases. She stood in awe as AgencyBabylon grew, posted, and grew some more. AgencyBabylon set the standard for superbly well-written, graphically refreshing blogs.

Thus as it became obvious that Shareology was in launch phase, the high standards set by AgencyBabylon loomed high in the sky indeed. But, as in much of life, AgencyBabylon suggested Shareology Just Do It. And off we went on July 26th, 2009; Shareology was launched.

AgencyBabylon helped support and guide Shareology in innumerable ways this week. Turns out writing the blog is only the first step; promoting the blog so somebody out in the blogoverse actually reads it is quite another. As AgencyBabylon shared wisdom on all things blog, Shareology took her first steps.  

So a big, huge, heartfelt “Thank You” and a shake of the pompoms to Agency Babylon for wisdom, knowledge and uncommon support this week and in the past five years!

Take a trip over to AgencyBabylon and enjoy this well written, entertaining and oh so intelligent blog or follow him on Twitter at @AgencyBabylon: 








A Big Shake of the Shareology pompoms to AgencyBabylon!

A Big Shake of the Shareology pompoms to AgencyBabylon!










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  1. Neal Kielar Says:

    Aw shucks.

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