Networking groups for Sales and Marketing July 26, 2009

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When I found myself “in transition” for the fourth time in my marketing career, I wanted a networking group that maximized my potential for my next job.

Haven’t we all been a part of groups that spent the largest percentage of time commiserating in gory depth about the details of the layoff that brought them to this group? Been there, done that…

This time I wanted networking groups that would up my game. Groups savvy about ways that I could approach my job search. Groups that would edit my approach, support and surround me with smart people, and offer me ideas for my next steps.

I’ve found the following groups to be useful:

American Marketing Association-Minnesota Chapter

  • Minnesota chapter
  • Multiple monthly meetings
  • Plus, great free webinars

Smiling and Dialing

Sales and Marketing Professionals [SMPnet]

  • Meets every second Saturday of the month
  • MARCOMM sub-group meets monthly and features superb speakers
  • B2B sub-group meets monthly

Sales and Marketing Specialists Network [SAMs net]

  • For information e-mail
  • Private, invitation-only group
  • Meets weekly

There are certainly more resources out there, in person and online. Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section.

Kay Roseland



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