Networking Fatigue July 25, 2009

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I’ve run into a new networking slant twice in the last week.  

At Smiling and Dialing, “Networking Fatigue” was mentioned. This involves an employed person who is besieged with requests for coffee by those unemployed amongst us. The Fatiguer spends coffee asking “Know of any jobs?” When the answer from the employed person is”No”, the Fatiguer gets cranky. Please, folks, remember to focus on others — give more than you get. (Thanks, SagePresence! Thanks, SAMSnet!). If you are truly giving to the person you meet with, Networking Fatigue will not occur; you will both come away from coffee glad for what you have shared. (And Shareology can tip her hat to that!)

To reinforce how important the above principle is, my coffee date on Saturday, mentioned she had been having some tough coffee meetings herself.  “They just suck the life out of me….”    She asked for a second meeting with me because I gave during meeting one, and she wanted me to help a friend of hers going through a tough time. Sure, I said, I’ll connect with him on LinkedIn and meet him for coffee. (Not coincidentally, at the end of our second coffee, she offered to put me in touch with a P.R. person in her company.)

Lesson to absorb? Networking needs you to give more than you get. Let’s play the game in a way that ensures we will treasure this contact and begin relationships that offer true exchanges into the future.   Don’t be a Fatiguer:  Be a giver!

Kay Roseland




7 Responses to “Networking Fatigue”

  1. Sini Ross Says:

    Thanks Kay. I think that it is also very important for people seeking employment to surround themselves with positive people and stay clear of the Debbie Downers. Negative attitudes are very contagious and it is so important to use all of your positive energy towards finding your next dream job. Good luck and congrats on the new blog!!!

  2. Emily M Says:

    Great post, Kay — A new twist on Karma for today’s woeful economy! What goes around does indeed come around, particularly during difficult times. Help, help some more, and be legitimately enthusiastic in the process — no matter how tiring. And no matter on which side of the employed/seeking fence you find yourself. Otherwise, take a break from the coffees. Recharge yourself. (Again, no matter which side of the employed/seeking fence is your current home.) Then get back out there.

  3. Great post- and so true! eWomenNetwork also uses the philosophy “give first.” I encourage my clients to use networking as a career management strategy, not just something you only do when you’re in a job search. It’s important to keep in regular contact with each person in your network. Pass along an article they may find of interest, or a tip, or get together for coffee.

  4. Neal Kielar Says:

    It’s refreshing to see someone look at this from the perspective of the employed or connected person who wants to help colleagues in less fortunate circumstances. May I add to this: If you are seeking someone’s networking assistance please come to the conversation with a clear objective that you share with your networking counterpart. For example, if you want a recommendation on LinkedIn tell the person you are asking exactly what points you want them to cover; don’t make them guess. Helping your networking contact help you might not make you a giver, but at least you’re less likely to deplete the good will you’re hoping to leverage.

  5. Gene Wood Says:

    I am very active in BNI which has a foundation of “Givers Gain” … what people often forget is Kay’s point … relationships …. They are everything … in a networking world, relationships help to change the trust or confidence curve … the better the relationship the higher you are on someones confidence curve … I am currently working with a corporate friend of mine, who after 18 years is being asked to end his relationship with the company … he has come to me for help as a friend … but he has been very careful to consistently work on our relationship … It is a great world when it works … thank you Kay for the reminder!

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  7. MP Says:

    Ditto all above to this timely post. Bobbie used to call it the Give and Get method (glad to be of service 🙂 MP

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